Good Wheels At Good Prices


Today is it: today is the day you search to buy that car on your computer monitor.

Perhaps you’ve hit your targets, maybe you have switched roles and need to move about a whole lot more - or perhaps you got married and you want your family to be more comfortable -

So you start searching: you go through your phonebook, trawl through your Facebook contacts, local car websites but somehow aren’t settled by what you see. How do you tell if you’re getting a good deal? Are there hidden defects? Is the mileage good? Can I have that car in higher shine, please?

How do you tell if it’s a good deal?


Thing is, a buddy’s deal of a car purchase does not automatically translate to a deal for you, too.

At AUTOTEK, we are transparent: we give your the best configuration according to your budget and requirements, be it a new car or a well-maintained one.

If you need a family car, we will you get a polished task horse that’s safe and spacious. If you need a car to be flashy, we will find you a car that looks fly. If you need a speedster… well, we won’t tell your spouse. Just sign here.


Whichever it is, we get it done.


So, what gives?

You’ve probably wondered: what makes a car dealership special? Is there anything at all that makes a car dealership special?

We at AUTOTEK definitely think so. The magic lies in understanding our customers’ needs and their specific budgets first. We can be designer fuzzy where the customer is fuzzy and wildly specific where the customer is specific - your needs come first.

If you need a well-kept vintage, we can do that.

If you need a workhorse, we can do that.

If you need a spanking new number straight out from the big names, we can do that.

We can get you almost any car, but the focus is always going to be on what suits you most… because without a heart, there can be no soul - and that’s where the magic is.



Passionate Workmanship

People call your car your mistress - well you do love Mimi. You’ve loved her since you first set eyes on her and subsequently, you bought her.

You gave her a new coat of paint, one you know she will look stunning in. Now that it’s been close to a year, it would be nice to smooth out the wear and tear, make her sparkle anew.

At AUTOTEK, we give your car the works. Rims for her pretty wheels, re-spraying if you fancy - we can even give her badass licks of flame if that’s your thang.

We do, however, take inner beauty very, very seriously. It’s the soul of every relationship. Every car’s cog and wheel, every mechanical part make our well-oiled -

Er. Well.

We are experienced folk, here.

So if your lil lady needs any recalibrating, polishing up or even enhancements - know that it would be our pleasure to return her to you smooth, purring and raring to go.


Covering Your Case

These days, with cyclists smacking sideview mirrors, you have to make sure your car insurance is up and running.

If you are looking to renew said car insurance, AUTOTEK is more than happy to help, since we are able to provide comparative quotes through our network of agents - who represent just about all the major insurers in Singapore. We also have very good cameras for your car if you don’t already have one.

Ask us; we’d be glad to chat.



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